Fern & Oak


Spring is coming and I'm trying new things

It’s starting to feel like spring is on the way. Yes, it’s only mid-Feb and yes most days are typically English rain and grey, but lately there have been a few bright sunny days and with them, the whisperings of spring.

I don’t mind winter - I like hunkering down and spending time reflecting. The bare trees and the quiet coldness is a reminder that we can’t be in full bloom every day of the year. But I have to say, I am so very excited for spring. I’m excited for flowers and baby animals and leaving a coat at home when I go outside (and then inevitably freezing!) and new leaves and new intentions. Spring for me is a time of celebration, and new opportunities. 

Lately I’ve been dipping my hand into other art and crafts. I’ve been daily visual journalling, experimenting with clay and learning to book bind. It’s been great. I’m not a fan of sticking to the same thing forever and forever for art - I like to fail and learn and learn and fail again and again. My only “rule” is that I follow my curiosity. And right now, my curiosity is whispering to me, “try all the things”, and I’m listening and doing just that.

Trying out a new craft is a great test of your taste versus skill. We all have great taste and it can be super frustrating when your taste is too high for your skill. It happens to me all the time. I imagine something I want to make, try to make it and it does not turn out how I imagined! For me, there is a choice now. I can accept that my taste is always going to be more advanced than my skill, and I can practice and slowly get better; knowing that I will never be at the same level as my taste but that I will also be improving my skill the more I practice. Or, I can sack it all in and never create anything again because why bother if I’m never going to make something at the level of my taste?

Well, sacking it all in doesn’t sound too fun to me.

So, I’m practicing and already I’m seeing improvements and learning what I like (successful practice and levelling up my skills!) and what I don’t like (successful failure and knowing what to do differently next time!)

Just like the tentative buds of spring slowly pulling us out of winter, I’m testing the waters and trying new things and looking forward to sunny days and building up a big old chunk of a new body of work.