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What do I really want, what does my heart want & what do I want more of?

I fell off the blogging everyday wagon a little, but that's okay. We've all got busy lives and I feel that when I'm working a new habit into my life, low pressure on myself really helps me stick to it. I'd rather dip in and out regularly, then go full pelt and burn out right away. 

So, along with blogging I've somewhat neglected journalling the past couple of days too. I decided this morning, all pumped up with Monday morning productivity vibes that I'd get a ton of housework done after work and then journal and blog. I'm pretty tired now, and itching to get back to my latest creative project (which will be revealed 1st October - watch this space!) so I thought I'd pull a journaling card to give me a prompt and a nudge.

Lo and behold, my card asked "what do you really want?"

Well, card, I already dipped into this a couple of weeks ago! I don't want to write another blog post on the same theme just yet. So I pulled another card.

"What does your heart want?"

Nope. Not in the mood to deal with exploring what I want, or what my heart wants today. Let's go for lucky number three...

"What do you want more of?"

Okay, I give in. I'll talk about wanting!!!

My first thought was, "a bit more time and energy please!" That's what I want right now, but it's 7pm on a Monday so I don't think I'm going to conjure many more hours in the day and it's pretty unlikely I'll get more energy as the night goes on.

I'm still working out, sorting out, journaling and painting out what I really want and I think my heart wants the same. We both want to live more creative lives. But how? What is a creative life? What does that look like? Is it even tangible?

I'm slowly working on stuffs, trying to "sort my life out" - get the house under control with decluttering, hone my style by drawing every day, explore my spiritual side with tarot. I feel like I'm making progress. I do feel more sure of myself than I did this time last year. I think what I really want, in fact what I need, is more guidance. And I'm not sure I can do all this working out my life stuff all on my own. 

So I'm going to brainstorm some ways I can get some help with guidance and see where that path takes me. I feel sure I'm on the right path, I'm just not sure which direction I need to walk. And I think my little heart is unsure too, but it's beating a strong drum to keep walking and I'm going to keep following that heart beat until I meet someone along the way who can say, "I'm here to help you find out what you want."

The journaling cards I use are Andrea Schroeder of the creativedreamincubator.com 's "Journaling Cards For Magic & Insight" - do go check her stuff out, I'm not an affiliate, just super dig her and her offerings <3

I am blogging everyday (most days!) in September, inspired by Effy Wild of www.effywild.com who is doing the same! Please check out her blog - she's awesome! And if you want to join in too, do leave a link to your blog in the comments and we can read along with each other :-)