Fern & Oak


Medeina // The Queen of Wands

I was feeling really inspired and wanted to paint a tarot with a wild, voluptuous woman and her wolf companions. I love including animals in my paintings, and they are often used symbolically. This month, I'm channelling my inner wolf and after an invigorating long walk through the woods I was desperate to paint wolves and trees! But... None of my goddesses fitted with what I wanted to paint. I decided that I'm not bound by the decisions I made at the start of the year so figured I would do a bit of research and see if I could find another goddess to swap out. 

I quickly discovered Lithuanian goddess Medeina. Her name is derived from medis (tree) and she rules over and protects the forests, trees and animals. Although she is most associated with the hare, this fiesty goddess refused to marry and was escorted by a pack of wolves. So, she was the perfect goddess for what I wanted to paint!

I had a look through my research and decided to depict her as the Queen of Wands. The wands suit is associated with fire, which I felt suited her fiery personality and the Queen embodies feminine and nurturing. The Queen is vivacious, fiery and passionate. Perfect, perfect, perfect for Medeina.

I actually wasn't too bothered about replacing the original goddess, which was a triple goddess (The Morrigan) as I've already depicted Hecate as a triple goddess, and painted the three Fates so this worked perfectly.

This painting was quite complex - not only a human figure, but a more or less full figure of a wolf and an intricate tree so it took me some time to finish. I love that my tarot paintings are getting more intricate and if I compare my later ones to at the start of the year, I'm pretty proud of how much progress I've made.

Here's to Medeina - queen of the forest, refuter of suitors, and protectress of animals. 

My kind of girl :-)