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What's On My Mind

August has flown by so quickly, and with the subtle shortening of days and leaves starting to turn I've been getting excited for my favourite time of year: Autumn. I love Autumn - the colours of the trees, the chill in the air. For me, it's a time of reflection and nesting. I get a lot more organised through the colder months (maybe because I'm less inclined to be out and about) and with that organisation I've been wanting to get more into blogging. I love my little blog, but I want it to be more than just a place I post pictures, I'm feeling the need to write more, and share more.

It was pretty much perfect timing when the other day I opened an email from the marvellously inspiring Effy Wild (of www.effywild.com), who is going to be doing a thing - blogging everyday in September. I've decided to give it a crack and have a go too!

So it's Friday evening and I'm not feeling too energetic so I'm going to follow Effy's prompt of what's on your mind?

What is on my mind? 2 things mostly. I've got big plans for the weekend - and by big plans, I mean doing as little outside of the house as possible! Last weekend I went into social overdrive, which was super fun but also left me feeling pretty worn out. Over the past couple of years I've definitely found myself firmly planted in the introvert camp. Or perhaps more accurately, the ambivert with heavy leanings to introvert camp! I love love love my friends and very much enjoy their company, but I do also love being a bit of a hermit and hunkering down with some me time. 

I'm starting to get twitchy in my studio. It's too messy and cluttered, so I'm planning on spending a big chunk of the weekend decluttering, sorting and organising. Joy of joys, I have an IKEA Raskog trolley on its way to me (you know the one, every artist has one!) courtesy of my pal picking one up for me (thank you, Amelia!!) and I'm beyond pumped to fill it with my ever growing collection of inks.

That, and drawing. I am really into drawing right now. No frills, just my trusty 2B pencil and an eraser, in my moleskine. I've been practising figures and trying pretty hard to teach myself new skills and am thoroughly enjoying these no pressure drawings. It's become a bit of a nightly ritual for me now.

Anyway, that's more or less the two big things on my mind and on that note, I'm off to start my next drawing :-)

p.s. Thanks to Effy for the inspiration and prompts - go check out her stuff she's amazing and her art is beautiful