Fern & Oak


Zorja Utrennjaja // The Star

The Star (Insight, understanding and hope for the future - the spiritual life should not be ignored) depicted as Slavic goddess Zorja Utrennjaja. Also known as The Morning Star, Zorja opens the gates of Dažbog's palace each morning so that the Sun may begin his journey.

Zorja seemed like the perfect choice for this card, especially as the original depiction is of a young maiden. Also a patroness of horses, I altered the original card’s composition to show her riding her lovely stormy horse.

I actually slightly got the symbolism wrong for this card - I misread my book and thought the maiden was pouring water from pitchers into two rivers, but actually she pours one into a river and one onto dry land! Oops!

I like how mysterious this card is, even though the painting took me weeks to finish as I had several other paintings also on the go.