Fern & Oak


Ink Drawings - May & June

I've really been enjoying drawing lately! I like practising and do feel like my skills are improving over time. I've got several moleskines that I reserve for drawing only (the paper is lovely but does not hold up well to wet media) and when I am travelling, which is a far amount, they're easy to carry with me. I have a mini moleskine sketchbook and the larger A5-ish size sketchbook. The selection below are drawings from various art challenges on Instagram I've dabbled in over the past couple of months.

Top Row, L-R:

  • "Snail Mail" #yayeverydaymay hosted by @tobyilikecats
  • "Sandwich" #yayeverydaymay 
  • "Royal Mermaid" #mermay hosted by @miss.milia

Second Row, L-R: (all prompts from #mermay)

  • "Witch Mermaid"
  • "Goth / Punk Mermaid"
  • "Goldfish Mermaid"

Third Row, L-R:

  • "Ice Mermaid" #mermay
  • "Raven Witch" (just for fun!)
  • "Griffin" #artfreakschallenge hosted by @artfreakscollective

Fourth Row, L-R: (all prompts from #artfreakschallenge)

  • "Angel"
  • "Devil"
  • "Skeleton"

And there we have it! Which one is your favourite? I really love my griffin, he took one solid hour of inking :-)