Fern & Oak


Salacia // The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man (a temporary pause in life, go with the flow, accept the changes - something might need to be sacrificed) depicted as Salacia. The Hanged Man card is often associated with Neptune. As well as themes of self-sacrifice, it is also a card of dreams, inspiration and mysticism.

Salacia, the wife of Neptune,a beautiful nymph, was an obvious choice for me. I really enjoyed painting this scene, as it was a lot of wet on wet layering and I liked the style, with her billowing robes. There are lots of shimmery inks in this painting, so held under the light she looks quite magical!

I posed her upside down, to stick with the depiction of the tarot card, which in the Rider Waite deck is of a man hanging upside down from his foot, although looking quite chilled out about it!