Fern & Oak


Ostara // Judgement

Judgement (death and rebirth - new potential, an opportunity which can't be ignored, a decision that will affect your life) depicted as Ostara, Celtic Goddess of Spring, Rebirth, Fertility and New Beginnings.

In the original Rider Waite card, this is quite heavily Christian-based, with an angel blowing a trumpet and bodies coming up from the ground. One of my favourite paintings is “The Resurrection, Cookham” by Sir Stanley Spencer, one of the reasons being all the greenery in the painting. I loved the idea of turning this card a bit, and representing the judgment more like spring - new life literally springing out of Ostara’s hands.

Originally I was going to paint flowers growing out of the pod-like coffins in Spencer’s painting, but the ink got too wet and bled, making the effect less clear so I painted over with just different levels of grass. I’m happy with the overall effect, and really like how bright and happy this painting turned out.