Fern & Oak


April Art Challenge 2017

I love art challenges! I find it really cool working with the different prompts (often of which I'd never normally draw of my own accord) and it's a fun opportunity to either practice a certain discipline. I love ink drawing but don't often practice so I like to try and use ink drawings for challenges, which is what I chose to do for the 2017 April Art Challenge, hosted by Roxanne Coble, the artist behind By Bun.  

Dedicating a bit of time every day is such a fantastic way to build up your creative practice, and art challenges are an easy (you don't need to ho and hum over what to create!) route to get into this. 

The only art challenge I've actually managed to ever complete was last year's Drawlloween, and that was only thanks to a six hour flight giving me time to catch up haha! But I always give them a shot - I think for future challenges (and as I write this I'm currently soooo behind for MerMay!) I'll try to get a real heads start, for example for Drawlloween the prompts were more or less the same as the year before so I might start drawing them the month before. 

Here are the ones I managed to do for Roxanne's challenge. 

In order L-R: 

  • Fairy tale - this is from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Twelve Brothers, which is a pretty damn cool fairy tale! You can check it out here.
  • 1990s - one of my favourite films, The Craft!
  • Ghost - from another one of my favourite films, Crimson Peak
  • Move Quote - ahaha, from another one of my favourite films, Kiki's Delivery Service. I love, love this quote :-)
  • Queen - still on the film theme, this was originally going to be Queen Else but I got a bit carried away with her hair so it doesn't really look like Else anymore.
  • Monster - I was way behind but still wanted to do an ink drawing on one of the themes, so drew this sweet monster or the deep. Those scales took some time!

Big thanks to Roxanne for hosting such a cool challenge! If you're on Instagram, tag your art using the given hashtags and then other artists working on the challenges can find you. It's super cool seeing so many people's different approaches to the prompts and be part of a community.