Fern & Oak


Isis // The High Priestess

The High Priestess (A secret is about to be revealed - intuitive wisdom) depicted as Egyptian goddess Isis. It was quite easy to research this role, as in the book I have been referring to for the tarot designs, the High Priestess is depicted wearing the horned crown of Isis.

What was not easy, was actually creating this card! I’ve done a couple of Egyptian goddesses now and one thing I wanted to was ensure that the clothes and portraits were different to each other.

For some reason I really struggled with Isis - especially as in a lot of depictions she has falcon wings similar to how I painted Nephthys. I actually ended up drawing Isis five times and half painted her twice before the final painting.

The whole process was very frustrating and I came extremely close to quitting and leaving this one for another time. I even started another painting to try and boost my spirits a bit! I managed to push through and am happy with the final painting but it was a real struggle!