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Nephthys // Temperance

Temperance (Winged angelic figure pouring water from a cup from one hand to the other, representing the flow of the unseen.) depicted as Nephthys, Egyptian Goddess of death and a protector - often portrayed as a woman with falcon wings, usually outstretched as a symbol of protection.

I really enjoyed this painting although my goodness those wings took a long time! Each feather has 4 layers of gold ink, and then 2-3 layers of blue in and it was very fiddly tricky work but I love how she turned out. I followed a traditional Ancient Egyptian style and was focused more on decoration and symbolism than realism.

One of the resource images I used (a wall tomb decoration) showed Nephthys as having blue skin, and after a bit of digging I discovered the colour blue was associated with fertility, rebirth and the power of creation so I painted my version blue too.