Fern & Oak


Hecate // The Moon

The Moon (Take care for all is not as it seems - use your intuition) depicted as Hecate, Greek triple goddess, associated with the dark moon. As my first card, I was testing out my style for this deck.

I initially wanted to incorporate all the symbolic design elements shown in the Rider Waite tarot deck into my paintings, so this one is quite rich in the traditional symbolism. For example, the dog and wolf represent the tamed and wild aspects of our mind and the crayfish (shown in this painting as detailing of her dress) symbolises consciousness unfolding.

However, this finished painting took a very long time to come to fruition. I actually drew the sketch out in October and then finally painted it in January and I think in part that slow moving was being so focused on getting all the symbols correct and incorporating my style over the top so for the rest of the deck I am taking a looser approach!