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My year long creative project; designing my tarot deck – where I am now

At the start of this year I embarked upon a somewhat daunting but very exciting creative project; designing my own tarot deck. I wanted a long, stretching goal that would encourage me to complete a big body of work and explore developing my own style.

I've been working on this steadily since the start of the year and we are slowly creeping into Spring (at last!) so I wanted to share my progress with this behemoth! I have now completed all my research – what goddesses I want to depict for every single tarot in the 78-piece deck and particular symbols/ meanings for each card. It was a lot of fun as I really enjoyed looking up goddesses from different cultures and I’m excited about how the deck will look overall!

I had been painting on fairly cheap-o watercolour paint, as I found some that was a really nice size not too big not too small and had gummed edges on all four sides, making it a lot easier to paint with watercolours and inks. However, I was running out of this paper (and also the quality really wasn’t too great) so I went on a hunt for the same size, but better quality. Luckily I found a shop on Amazon and so I switched over to this paper instead. As well as having a much nicer texture and being heavier paper, it was also a relief to know I could order as much as I’d need for 78 paintings as my other paper had already been discontinued by the shop.

So, as for my paintings! I am so proud to say I have now painted just over 10% of my project! I finished up my 8th painting last week and I’m pretty chuffed with myself that I’ve done all this in 2 months, especially as I’ve been working full time, painting other paintings and you know having a life :-P

I'll be updating the blog with each painting as I finish it with a brief synopsis of the symbolism and research of the Goddess - watch this space!