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Necromancer painting & vogue angels

I love painting angels. If I'm ever stuck for inspiration or just start painting without a plan, it normally ends up having an angel in. There's just something about angels that I have endless inspiration for! And I love painting them in different styles. Over the years I've painted whimsical angels, medieval angels, dark angels, guardian angels and cosmic angels. One style of angel I have been playing with since 2015 is what I've coined "vogue angel". 

It started off as a paint over collage, using a model from my copy of Vogue. There was something about the androgynous and cool vibe of the model that inspired me to transform her into an angel. The original photo actually reminded me a lot of Tilda Swinton's character Gabriel from Constantine, which I loved. Since then I've really enjoyed creating these confident and aloof angels. Not only do I like sourcing the models for their blase stares and nonchalant poses, but it also helps me to learn new facial features and positions I wouldn't naturally gravitate towards. I also love working on top of clear gesso. The brand I have (LLiquitex professional) is super toothy and gritty, creating fantastic texture and really fun working with inks and watercolour on top - it also makes my pencil smudge really nicely creating a bit of a grunge effect!

My latest vogue angel actually became a necromancer in the end although I did intend for him to be an angel! I was feeling like painting something a bit gothic and moody and actually created the collage of this months ago, but set it aside to work on other paintings. This is my first paint over collage of a man, so I kept the details quite simple. I like him, he's got charisma ;-)

Here are the before and after shots of my vogue angels - my scanner picks up colour really intensely so they are not as bright in real life! Also I couldn't find a before pic for the third angel, so I've stuck in a WIP pic instead!:

And here's some work in progress/ detail shots:

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