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December Reflections: Five Things About Me

Hello πŸ‘‹ this is me! And for today's prompt of December Reflections "5 things about me" here is some information for you:

1) my first name is Emily, middle name Anne. My mother is a great lover of English literature and I am named after Emily and Anne BrontΓ«. πŸ“–

2) I'm a gemini but was born at ten minutes to midnight on the cusp of cancer and have found I share traits for both star signs. Like a "typical" gemini I am indecisive and loyal, and like a "typical" cancer I am creative and emotional β™Šβž•β™‹

3) I love animals and have had many pets over the years, including a black gerbil called Jet, a black poodle called Tansy, a black cat called Sabrina and a black rabbit called Pancakes. My current furbabies are two bunnies; Lyra (4 years) and Motley (7 years). They're not black though, they're albino and tortoiseshell, respectively. πŸ‡

4) My favourite dessert is bread and butter pudding because it reminds me of my Grandpa. 🍞

5) My patronus is a badger, and if I needed to summon a very happy memory to create one I would remember swimming in the sea in Portugal last year; the sun beat down on me and the water was so clear and sparkling and there were tiny silver fish swimming all around me. It's a treasured memory of a very happy time and place. πŸŒ…

If you would like to join in or follow along December Reflections, you find the list of prompts at the host's Instagram, Susannah Conway or follow along on the official hashtag #DecemberReflections2017 and of course, please do follow my Instagram, if you'd like !