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New York 2017: Day Eight... Sketchbooks, Cats & Karaoke

Brooklyn sketchbook library
Cat cafe!
Many seafood at the Mermaid's Inn
Drinks with Amy and Matt at Ulysses
Went to the office to use the loo and meet up with Big T
Trying to get home… Just. Can’t. Walk.
Back at 3am (naughty)

And then… My last day… :-(

So very hungover
Pizza at Adrienne's with the work fam
More shopping
Packing and feeling stressed
Chilling at the airport
Dream flight with no-one sat next to me although quite turbulent and I only slept for 30 mins

Art featured from sketchbooks from the Sketchbook Project at Brooklyn Art Library (credited in order of appearance, with a description of the page)

  1. Blue jay: art by Wendy Bos from Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
  2. Writing on the wall: art by Lynette Watkins from Ruidoso, NM, United States
  3. Brown cover/ 3D cut paper: art by Pamela Salen from Caulfield North, VIC, Australia
  4. Stitched papers: art by Ruth Lenk from Mevaseret Zion, Israel
  5. Fish: art by Denise Woodley from Cowes, Victoria, Australia
  6. Rainbow and angel: art by Alice Pennes from Sonoma, CA, United States
  7. Earth Mother: art by Jennifer Mourin from Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
  8. Mandala (and the writing says "you don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body", which I freaking loved): art by Michelle Baehner from Orange, CA, United States
  9. Rune and text: art by Jillian Roos-Markowitz from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Portraits of cats (and a turtle) residing at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe:

Black kitten: Mindy, who stole my heart <3
Black and white cat: Cuddles
White cat with grey striped tail and grey marks on head: Nino, shy but beautiful
Torbie cat (tortoiseshell/ tabby): Cinnamon, a real beaut
Grey cat: Riley Blue, with the most stunning eyes
Fluffy white and tabby sleeping the christmas decorations: Balut
Turtle: Eleanor, whom is actually a boy turtle, and had an accident and lost one of his feet. He likes being tickled under the chin.