Fern & Oak


Hello November

The weather has finally turned and the darkness of winter is creeping up everyday and November is here.

October was a busy month and now I'm burnt out. Creating everyday meant waking up earlier, sacrificing lunch breaks, painting late into the night and for 31 days everything was intensely focused on painting, painting some more, photographing the painting and then still painting more. It was a wonderful time, but an extremely taxing time too. 

Towards the end of the month I started feeling worn down but I pushed through. Halloween I woke up with a rotten cold. November 1st I couldn't get out of bed. 

Now I'm left with what I feel like is an art hangover, and a productivity hangover.

So, I rest.

I've been lying in, nestled in my bed, just lying and thinking and dozing.

I've been watching movies - just watching them. No sketchbook, or painting or social media. Just lying in my nest with my partner and enjoying losing myself for a few hours.

I've been wearing thick woollen socks and wrapping myself in jumpers and scarves.

I've been taking afternoon baths, smothered in bubbles and face masks.

I've been eating chocolate, guilt-free and greedily. 

I've been drinking soul warming ginger tea and calming peppermint tea and eating peanut butter on toast.

I've been journalling, and writing.

I've started writing a book.

I've been mindlessly drawing, relaxing in wet inks that blur colours into colours and drip across the page with no plan.

I'm still sick, and I'm still burnt out. 

But I'm resting, and saying hello to this quieter, colder month.

Hello November. Let's rest together.