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Inktober 2017 - Book of Witches

As well as Mab's Drawlloween Cub, I'm also participating in Inktober this year as a separate drawing challenge, focusing on ink. When hunting around for a new sketchbook (I love my moleskine but the paper is too thin for wet ink work) I discovered this Japanese accordion sketchbook. It's made up of one very long piece of paper, folded up to make a book - like an accordion! The paper is thick enough to use wet media with no bleeding and I love the style. I was instantly inspired to make an illustrated book for Inktober - a book of witches.

Each day I will be sharing a witchy illustration, paired with a quote, poem or extract from a book that ties in with the theme of the illustration. 

So far here's what I have:

Inktober is a month long challenge in October where you draw something with ink everyday, you can check out more details over on the official Instagram page here and follow along on my Instagram here.