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Affirmations painting - setting yourself up for a positive dream-filled year

Affirmations are awesome. What could be better than positive and joy filled sentences to give you a little boost when you are feeling crappy, or spur you on to have the confidence to achieve your dreams?! I for one LOVE affirmations. I regularly incorporate them into my art, create with a specific affirmation in mind or repeat a particular affirmation when I need to remind myself "I can do this". 

I recently participated in an online art class by one of my life hero's Tamara from Willowing, as part of the Woman Unleashed Retreat, hosted by Amber from The Radiant Mama, in which you created a dream vision board. Around a self portrait, you included affirmations inspired by your dreams. Hello! Dream art class! I was super inspired, especially as I was struggling a little to nail down a "word of the year" (more on that in another post...!) so for me this seemed like a great exercise to incorporate all my dreams for 2017 in a richly layered and deeply personal painting.

Tamara suggests that writing your dreams/ hopes/ affirmations in the present tense, e.g. if you want to be more healthy, write "I am healthy" so what I decided to do, was take quotes from people that inspire me, and transform them into present tense positive dream affirmations.

I love hand lettering, so I practiced writing these out before writing them onto my painting. The painting itself, is not a traditional self portrait (for starters, I'm blonde!) but instead is a representation of myself - creative, kind and loving. An art technique I'm particularly fond of when creating layered art, is to use the paint over collage method, which is what I did here. You can see from the work in progress shots the different stages and layers. I included symbols that are important to me, and as I created this painting, I poured so much love and positive intention into it. It was truly a joy to create! 

Now, my affirmations painting sits proudly in front of my workspace, gently reminding me every day of my dreams and intentions. It was so much fun to create, and I'd highly recommend taking some time out for yourself to write down the hopes and dreams you have - or just words of encouragement you need to hear - and placing them in a prominent place where you often see them and can soak up the goooooood vibes :-)