Fern & Oak


Ocean Deep

They embrace,
Fingers lace
Together as they stumble and tumble and swirl
Into each other’s arms they roll like waves into the cold, salty sea
As the ocean drips over them he is intertwined with she

She holds him,
They swim
Deep out into the water, she is Ocean’s daughter and he ought to know
Better but he follows her still as she dives through the night
She glitters and shines like she’s made from starlight

Salty skin,
He dives within
The dark waves as they turn and yearn and learn each other’s secrets
Kisses on pink lips; the colour of the underbelly of a shell, and she
Clutching his wrists, smiles as she pulls him below; under and into the sea

They embrace,
Fingers lace
Around his neck as she tightens her grip and does not slip even
When his lungs scream out water as he starts to sink
She dashes his head on a rock and his blood pools out like ink

Salty skin,
She dives within
The deep sea, down to her lair where with the gentlest of care she shrouds him
In seaweed and fishermen’s nets, with shells adorning his body to keep
Him down here with her, in her watery bed where they both will sleep

They embrace
Fingers lace,
As she sings and swims the waves caress his skin and skim his flesh
To white bleached bone, nestled deep in her home; for she did love him
But like the rest, she likes them asleep, collected and treasured in her ocean deep.