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Paint over collage

One of my favourite mixed media techniques in "paint over collage". I was first introduced to the technique by Tamara L'Aporte (http://willowing.ning.com/) and it is essentially, where you create a collage and then over the top paint your image. Hence the name! This is used a lot in mixed media, and often the original collage is completely changed. I love it, as it creates a really richly layered artwork, and also it encourages me to try new styles of portraits / proportions that if painting from scratch I might not use. 

This latest piece was first created as a collage from various magazines, with a clear layer of gesso applied and then mixed media including my new Liquitex limited edition muted inks. I am in LOVE with these inks, the colours are stunning and the applicator is really handy. I love how this piece turned out - it's more time consuming adding collage to my art, and I don't always have the luxury of waiting for stuff to dry so it was great fun creating this and I love the texture. 

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