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Merry Krampus!

I love Christmas and good tidings and cheer, but I also love the darker side of things. A figure of folklore, Krampus is a perfect blend of gothic horror during the festive season! Half goat, half demon, Krampus essentially punishes naughty children and is pretty terrifying! You can find out lots about Krampus with a quick Google and I enjoy the aesthetics this darker Christmas creature very much and decided to paint one.

I actually ended up painting two Krampus scenes, as I started with a depiction of Krampus and an Ice Queen/ Snow Witch, which I really liked but I also wanted to do a more folklore/ medieval style. So, it’s Christmas; the more the merrier.

These festive frights were created with mixed media, mostly inks and watercolours with a bit of fluid acrylics here and there. What was most fun, was adding the snow - it was a little nerve wracking as I was worried I’d ruin them, but actually the flurry of snowflakes really sets the paintings off.

Merry Krampus, all!

Work in progress/ detail shots: 

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