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My bunny guardian angel

I've kept rabbits as pets for eight years now, and in that time I've had four beautiful little fluffballs as companions. My first bunny was Pancakes, and he was the soppiest, dopiest little thing. He had a great live and fathered eight baby bunnies, one of which I had for a short while before passing away and the other, Motley, who is my little old man bunny living the life of Riley with his younger girlfriend, Lyra :-)

My bunny friends over the years, Pancakes, Rupert, Motley and Lyra

Pancakes eventually passed away a couple of years ago, from old age, and although it was natural of course it was sad. Really sad. He had been part of my life for six years and I missed him deeply. A couple of days after he had passed, I was alone outside feeling very sad and broken hearted, having a solitary smoke outside of my office, that overlooked the railway station and some small greenery.

As if from nowhere a beautiful little tan rabbit ran out in front of me, leaping and bounding across the way. As fast as it had come up to me, it ran off but that moment of wonder struck me deep inside. It felt like a message, or a symbol, that Pancakes was at peace and I could be too. It helped me smile again.

I think that little tan rabbit might have been my guardian angel.

The night before last, that same little tan rabbit visited me in my dreams. I've been feeling pretty worn out lately, both emotionally and physically and in my dream the little tan rabbit was a deep source of comfort for me. I woke feeling calm and soothed. 

The symbolism of the rabbit is quite interesting. Most often, it is associated with fertility. However, it is also a symbol of comfort, and of vulnerability. For me, that is where I resonate most with rabbits. They are not all cuddly and soppy (my Little Lyra is a fearsome beast!) but to me, they always provide a joy, and a comfort, especially when I am feeling down. Stroking their soft fur and watching them leap around in their silly and whimsical ways always makes me smile and feel contented. 

After my dream, I felt a very strong urge to portray that feeling of comfort in a painting so I created this piece, acknowledging and heralding my bunny guardian angel, the little tan rabbit. I hope it brings you some comfort and joy too :)

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