Fern & Oak


Inspiration is all around you

My painting, born from many different sparks of inspiration

Inspiration. What a magical little word, so full of hope and wondrous possibilities. A spark, a flash, a light bulb for your soul. Also a word and concept that is given a lot of weight and pressure. You can create without inspiration, right? Inspiration is fickle and fleeting, right? Catch it or chase it before it disappears, like a fickle lover in the night. Inspiration is something you have to yearn for and constantly look for. Right? Maybe… But perhaps not. Maybe inspiration does not need to be found, just noticed.

Like any creative, there have been times when I feel like I am struggling with inspiration. I can work and re-work a painting till I just don’t feel like I want to carry on or I can sit in front of a blank page and just think “huh… What the Hell do I paint?” and the feelings I sometimes associate with being too frustrated or fatigued to create, is a lack of inspiration. Actually, what I’m starting to learn, is that inspiration is everywhere and around me all the time; I just need to let it be seen, heard, smelt and touched.

I’ve started to let go of the association with inspiration that it is something that must be sought after, as I’ve noticed more and more lately, that the more I stay “in tune” with myself; the more I am inspired.

The most recent painting I finished was of an angel. No real surprise, I prolifically depict angels in my work. But this angel was a beautiful amalgamation of several sources of inspiration that had been popping up and saying “hello” to me for several weeks.

It started with a quote.
Then it was a rushed sketch on lined paper in my lunch break.
After that some flowers appeared in my grandmother’s garden; their beauty and colour struck me deep in my heart.
And then a mural an admired artist had painted popped up on my Instagram feed.

Then the inspiration for this particular painting on this particular journey was ready to be shown on canvas.

These separate flashes of inspiration popped up and said “hello” and I smiled back and let them in, without quite knowing what would happen. Over time they melded into each other, and my painting was born. There was no single moment, no sudden “aha!” lightbulb ping, just little hints along the way. And I believe these little hints, these small “hello’s” and small moments are all around us. It just takes being open and curious to notice them, give them a cuddle and let them play out.

What little “hello’s” are you receiving right now? What would change if you follow them? What would you discover if you went along with the journey? There’s only one way to find out…

Say “hello” back, and see what happens...

Colour inspiration and work in progress shots