Fern & Oak




Hi there, my name is Emily and this is my dedicated space for documenting my journey with creative living.

I have always loved art. From a young age I was drawing fairies and unicorns and creating regularly. It was something that I never thought too hard about, I just did it. That was until I took an unplanned hiatus from creativity to get my head down and find a job “in the real world”. As the years went by, I kept an interest in the arts but never really immersed myself. There’s always tomorrow, right?

One day, it was like something inside of me that had been silently growing and sprouting and blossoming whispered to me, “paint.” So I did, and it was like all of the lights had been turned on again. The joy I found from creating made my life seems so much brighter, lighter and meaningful and I haven’t stopped since. It’s not always easy, we don’t live in fairy tales, but it is completely worth it.

It is my hope, that I can inspire those of you who visit, read and look through this space to find the curiosity to follow your own inner voice, seek out and do the thing that makes you go “this is what life's all about.”